The Perfect Gift


We want to offer you 50% OFF ON THE SECOND LAMP, by entering the code GIFT.

If you are gifting someone we want instant good karma to hit you, as you are doing something pure and good for others! With this discount when you buy one lamp, you get the second one for half of the price.

We believe our Mineral Lamps are the perfect way to show love, appreciation, and support.

Whether it's for someone's birthday,
A loved one recovering in the hospital,
A person you want to show gratitude to,
Or want to make amends with,
A family member going to tough times,

🌼 Let them know you care and that they are extremely special to you, by gifting something that shows you care beyond words!
Gifting our Mineral Lamps is offering light, good fortune, clarity, wellbeing, and above all — LOVE!

Enjoy! 💛

“If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your own path.”
The Buddha