Real Stones sourced ethically

What drives us at Feng Serena is having a positive impact. We do that through our Mineral Lamps, as we are absolutely assured they are effective in bringing amazing things into our lives — we experience them ourselves every day! 

That's why we are extremely serious about the quality and authenticity of the crystals we sell, considering only genuine minerals have healing and cleansing abilities.

💎 So we are so proud to announce that our crystals are 100% real stones gifted by Mother Nature herself. 

But, because we are so grateful for these gifts, we cannot forget about the impact that Crystal Mining has on the planet. 

So with such gratitude on our hearts, we went on a quest for the least-impact-on-Nature Crystals. Luckily, we found amazing vendors with the same ambitions, that provide us crystals from ethical and non-industrial, from regulated mining. 

We also aim to preserve the crystal pureness as much as we can, so we reduced crystal processing:

1ª- They are ethically and carefully picked from non-industrial mining.

2º- Then, gently craved and cleaned.

3º- Finally, they are thoroughly packed, and shipped.

We do our best to make the fewest interventions possible on your crystal, so it can conserve its full native vibrance.

Naturally, such demands may result in a higher cost, but that is a trade-off we are happy to make, since we prioritize the authenticity, energetic integrity, and ethical sourcing of our crystals above anything.

All the energy we put into our store is for you to buy from someone who is trustworthy and have the best experience possible. Let us know what you think of our Mineral Lamps, by leaving a review.

We can't wait to hear from you. ❤️