Black Friday — Hold your Ground

Black Friday — Hold your Ground

Hold your Ground 

What's Grounding?

Grounding is a spiritual term that stands for getting to know our Higher-Self, being in touch with it, and serving it by energetically connecting with Earth.

This week's newsletter is all about grounding because of the Black Friday Madness. This week, we typically are aggressively solicited to buy and consume. And although there's no inherent issue with buying and consuming we might tend to do it unconsciously. That's why we thought that would be valuable to our readers that we brought this topic and share some grounding technics.

So, grounding focuses on realigning your electrical energy by reconnecting to the earth. When we reconnect with Earth (the Origins), we will find the desired peace and fullness within ourselves.

It also has many health benefits (more on this article by Healthline). But the most amazing ones are the wholesomeness that we will feel on hearts while strengthening the connection with our Higher Selves, allowing us to go through the day freely, authentically, and inspired!

The practise 

Grounding consists of physically touching the Earth, like walking barefoot or lay on the grass. From there you can either meditate, visualize, chant, pray, do some affirmations, while you're in touch with the Mother Earth Energies.

Crystals are one of the most honorable members of Earth, and they inherit so much beneficial energy from it. So, holding your crystal while meditating for example, can also be a form of Grounding.

You can do this every day for as little as 5 minutes or even 40 minutes. The most important thing is that you do it with some consistency, especially when the times require so.

Even during a stressful time, if you have one of our Crystal Lamps on your desk while you work, you can always hold it for a couple of minutes while breathing deeply and consciously, and you'll witness a big energy shift. But don't forget to also ground your crystals, so they can clean and activate.